Foot Slave Diaries
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Welcome to footslave diaries where I share my experiences as the footslave to the lovely Rachel. Inside this website you will find Rachels sexy soles and high heel shots, plus her friends feet, plus my shots of womens feet I serviced over the years, plus high heel candid photos, plus videos, plus captioned photos and more!

The photos are not "staged", with lighting or props, most of these are my shots from several different smart phones, they are a rather candid record that began years before any thought of using them for a website ever came up. These are the photos of the many dozens of women who used me to service their feet.

I went most of my younger years dreaming of a "Rachel" to walk into my life, and once she did, my life was never the same. I needed a woman to take comeplete advantage of my weakness for sexy female feet, make me service her feet over and over, and then do her friends feet. Rachel is a good friend of mine who enjoys making me worship the ground she walks on, and I absolutely love doing it.

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